Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sun Devil Crit.

Well there was three of us, Jason Svaldi, Tim Clark, Seth (me), did our fist crit in Tempe, AZ on Feb. 24th. Same day as a group of other GDVCers raced Froze Toes.
Well our fist crit went good, good for February, Jason got 17th in the 3's race witch was really good for just sitting in and soaking it all in. Tim and myself did the 1,2s and it was crazy fast. It was hard just sitting in, both Tim and myself bridged to a couple of breaks but nothing stuck until every team had a rider in the break then it stuck. I ended up finishing 20th and Timmy didn't quite make it, but its early and he is still down there getting in crazy shape.
Can't wait till the season starts.

BMS out.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

race report from the inside out, by dan

well, i will say that with the biggest field yet this year, and a lot of fast crossers from all over the midwest. i rode my finest cross race of the year, or since this is my first year, my finest cross race ever! the pace at the start was mind blowing, i guess when your an iceman champ thats just how hard you go, but i will say that brian matter made the lead group seperation fast. i wasn't quite willing to die so i was relegated to the first chase group. we really didn't give much up to the leaders until we decided we weren't getting caught from behind and none of wanted to blow and fall out of our position to pick up the last money spot. the course at angel park was electric! the fans made the fantastic course even better, every lap on the run up you just kept going as fast as you could, the fans were too loud to even think about pain. not even to mention the endless cowbells, money hand-ups, and a gdvc cheering section, complete with family i had it all. all in all i finished 10th. i was happy with the result, and the effort that it had taken only one day after a 4 hour ride in the rain. next week is state, i will once again try to improve, and see what happens. considering that my cross season is all for fun, every race and improvement feels that much better.

now a moment of silence for jasons car window, and his beloved radar detector. it will be missed by all who ride to races late with you...

p.s. if seth would have raced today i would have beaten him. bad.


Angell Park CX

Well i took the race today in a little different way, i watched. I was pretty cool to watch good old Dan, put it out there and rock it in one of the largest turn out for WCA this year. The first couple of laps most of everyone was mostly together then just three gaped everyone else and were off the front the rest of the day. Long story short Brian Matter won with Marko right on his wheel. Dan got 10th, which was awesome seeing how i think that might have been one of the most technical course of the year.

On another note, Dan, Jason Svaldi, and myself went out for a ride yesterday and got caught in the rain and ended up really cold. My first day back on the bike for base miles went really well. But for me its trainer hours and lifting for the next three months.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Big Man Seth

Monday, November 12, 2007

bikey bike

I've been pretty busy with things over this year, music and work seem to have taken up a lot of my time. Fortunately I've been keeping up on the fitness thing by running about 10-20mi per week. Running pretty much sucks compared to doing a 60mi ride west of Madison, but given the amount of time I have to myself lately, running is better than couch time. I got out the other weekend by New Glarus with another GDVC'er, Andrew Harrison, beard flapping in the wind. He works as a mechanic at Crono. I joined in on their shop ride about two weeks ago, the weather was really great, and it brought back a lot of memories of the endless amount of times I used to ride out that way on weekends. I'm looking to get some racing in next year, so it's likely you may see me puke a few times in the spring of 2008.

Viking Cross Report

well, with all the big names gone i thought this would be the day to uncork the big one. and i was right, except i hadn't figured the role luck would play, or lack of luck as it would turn out. the field size was actually pretty good, i think 17+ racers. i had a good start and the lead group was riding smooth, almost too smooth because as i was sitting 4th wheel i kept getting chopped into every corner by riders who then could not match the pace of the lead three. after bridging 3 times back onto the leaders i finally yelled at the offending rider, who was finally tired enough to understand what was happening. midway through the following bridge i rolled my tire on an off camber turn. So, here i am going from the lead group to last place, with a tire i didn't really trust. i was making good time through the sand pits, barriers, and the fast open parts of the course but wouldn't push the corners hard enough to ever see the front again. The huge sandpit by the stoughton mudpit let me make enough time to catch 3 riders in the last two laps, i lost the sprint for 7th but it was a good battle, and really, its only cross so what more can you ask for than a good course and some good racing. i hate to say this, but jordan finally beat me. i thought this would never happen, but i guess i will just have to try harder next week and never let that happen again.

Monday, October 29, 2007

CX it up

Dan bunny hopping

Mid air flight.

Dan did his first ever CX race this last weekend at Washington Park. It was a fun race and awesome weather. Dan got caught up in a crash early and then crashed himself but looked good. For me it was just a little suffering and just trying to keep the coals on.
Next weekend two more CX races and the big WCA dinner, should be fun.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

ahhhh sethy boy!

seth has been nagging us all to update this little gdvc blog we've got going here. well, im game for that, here is a little gem that i was able to take away from the gateway cup. what a sally!!

anyways, i'm getting married on saturday!!! time to go freak out about details with margo till we are ready to strangle each other in a fit of love rage.